Vanplay: Vancouver Parks & Recreation Master PlanVanplay: Vancouver Parks & Recreation Master PlanVanplay: Vancouver Parks & Recreation Master Plan
Project Description:

LEES+Associates worked closely with Design Workshop (prime consultant) to support the first Parks & Recreation Master Plan undertaken by the Vancouver Park Board. Through a multi-year project, LEES staff were responsible for the review and analysis of the level of service for parks and recreation amenities and determining asset targets to guide planning and budget allocations over the next 20 years.

With an extensive and complex system of parks and recreation amenities, our assessment tool took into account the quantity, quality, capacity, and distribution of outdoor recreation amenities and facilities in the City of Vancouver within the context of development patterns and population projections over the next 20 years. Through data analysis and mapping for each amenity, we determined where there was a need for an increase in supply, an increase in the renewal rate (i.e. aging facilities), and/or where improved access was needed (i.e. inequitable distribution).

Vancouver Park Board (2016 - 2019) / City of Vancouver