What We Do

LEES + Associates is an award winning landscape architecture and planning firm offering comprehensive services in design, planning, research, and policy development. We specialize in serving the needs of the public sector, but work across a wide variety of project scales and types.

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Our firm has diverse skills and experience in open space design at every scale. We provide our clients and their communities with comprehensive services tailored to their project needs, from parks, recreation, and trails to cemeteries and memorials. Our intimate knowledge of each phase of the design process allows our team to maintain high standards for site-specific design that fits the space as well as programming needs. With our depth of experience, we provide landscape architecture and planning services based on a rigorous and collaborative approach.


Our firm is skilled in planning, policy development, and research for governments and organizations. We integrate evidence-based research on the intersection of biodiversity, health, accessibility, and climate change resilience with parks, trails, recreation, and public open spaces. We respond creatively to every project and draw upon the considerable expertise of our firm to offer sustainable solutions that are tailored to the project’s resources.

We respond creatively to every project and tailor our work to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We appreciate the economic underpinnings of each project, as well as the importance of maintaining a commitment to sustainability and innovation throughout the planning phases.

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Cemeteries and Memorials
As North America’s premier cemetery planning and design firm, we specialize in all aspects of cemetery planning, design, operations, research, and governance. Bringing our unmatched industry experience, we collaborate with clients to emphasize the importance and meaning of cemetery, memorial, and commemorative spaces and to develop site-specific solutions that are sustainable and enduring.
Parks and Recreation
Our parks, recreation, and open space designs layer multiple benefits with a foundation in sustainability and design innovations that meet the needs and budgets of our clients in both urban and rural environments. With parks and recreation experience in master planning, design, management, maintenance, construction and research, we produce creative parks and recreation systems that are pragmatic and resilient.
Trails, Greenways, and Active Transportation
We plan and design trails, greenways, and active transportation networks at every scale. We understand the significance of trails for sustainable and healthy communities and the challenge of balancing access with protection. Our projects create multi-modal networks that reflect the unique objectives and environments of each community, while helping land managers provide safe, enjoyable, and environmentally sensitive trail experiences for all ages and abilities.
Public Engagement
Our comprehensive and robust public consultation process brings community representatives and the public together to engage in meaningful discussion, express their points of view, and discover the common ground to influence outcomes and drive solutions for the whole community. Our engagement processes are designed to be inclusive for everyone, with multiple options for participation both in-person and digitally.