Monument Slabs at Royal Oak Burial Park

Royal Oak Burial Park Stone

LEES+Associates was delighted to work with Vancouver-based monument builder and sculptor, Dan Bellan, on the latest expansion area at Royal Oak Burial Park, in Victoria B.C.

The design team collaborated with Dan on the design, placement and refinement of monumental slabs of Vancouver Island white marble that are the key features at the cemetery’s new “BIRCH” and “MAGNOLIA” Sections.

The natural character of the white marble slabs, including the contours of where they split from the quarry face, were factors in how they would be finished. Section names were deeply sandblasted and V-chiseled in a modified Trajan font—chosen for its legibility and its timeless, “classic” quality. No paint was used, and finishing was kept to a minimum to retain and respect the natural beauty of the stone.

Edges of the seating blocks were profiled and honed; selected surfaces were point-chiseled for a solid offset contrast. A quote by Mahatma Gandhi was etched onto on the back of the lower slab where it can be seen from the seating area, inspiring contemplation and hope.
The new area is slated to open at Royal Oak later this month.

Construction at Royal Oak Burial Park

Construction is underway to complete the final phase of the new Section T area at Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, BC.
With LEES+Associates acting as lead consultant, this project includes landscape architectural, civil engineering, tender and contract administration, and required site services through construction.

royal oak burial park
Site before construction

royal oak burial park


Marble sculptural piece


royal oak burial park
Wall construction


royal oak burial park
Panoramic view from bluff

royal oak burial park