What We Do: Cemetery Needs Assessments

Okotoks Cemetery Land Needs Assessments

LEES+Associates has undertaken a range of “Needs Assessments” for communities across Canada. The examined criteria for social need varies significantly in breadth and depth. Generally, our needs assessments have included a comprehensive review of a municipality or region’s expected demand for cemetery and crematorium services over 25 to 50 years and compared it to the available supply and quality of service in the community. Needs assessments are often included within a community business plan or master plan.

York Cemetery Land Needs Assessment

These assessments usually include demographic market research, community engagement and stakeholder workshops, land and inventory site analyses and an implementation plan. They also sometimes include price benchmarking, detailed financial forecasts, a review of governance, marketing strategy and operational policies.

The primary goal of these assessments is to provide a range of recommendations that serve as a guide to site development and chart a path forward that will enhance future service to the community, moving this important social system towards long-term sustainability.

Listed below are recent Cemetery Land Needs Assessments we’ve undertaken –

Town of Okotoks Cemetery Land Needs Assessment
Okotoks, AB

York Region Cemetery Needs Analysis and Policy Framework
York, ON

City of Brandon – Cemetery Expansion Master Plan
Brandon, AB

City of Brandon - Cemetery Expansion Master Plan