Discussions: What is Green Burial? [Audio]

What is Green Burial:

Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery
Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery

Known under many names, including “natural burial,” “eco-burial,” “woodland burial,” and “country burial,” green burial is rooted in minimising the impact of human burial on the environment. While the level of “greenness” varies, in practice, a green burial is considered to have at least two of the following pillars:

  • Does not include embalming;
  • A simple casket or shroud;
  • Does not include use of concrete grave liners;
  • Simple memorialization, and
  • Some aspect of habitat or ecosystems enhancement.

In the clip below, Erik Lees hosts an insightful discussion on Green Burial with two prominent leaders in the green burial movement in BC.

For more information on green burial, visit the Green Burial Society of Canada’s website.

Links to other resources:
Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, BC
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Audio courtesy of Co-op Radio show: Make A Better World

Woodlands Green Burial
Woodlands for Green Burial at Royal Oak Burial Park