RCMP “Depot” Cemetery EntryRCMP “Depot” Cemetery EntryRCMP “Depot” Cemetery EntryRCMP “Depot” Cemetery EntryRCMP “Depot” Cemetery EntryRCMP “Depot” Cemetery Entry
Project Description:

On September 13th, 2009, the annual memorial service for RCMP members killed in the line of duty was held for the first time at the newly-renovated assembly area at the RCMP “Depot” Cemetery in Regina, Saskatchewan. This area was one of two heritage areas at “Depot,” the national training academy for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, that were redesigned by LEES+Associates.

The point-of-entry is flanked by curved, rusticated Tyndall Stone entry walls and tall limestone stone pillars. A black, powder-coated steel archway spans the entry drive. The archway was inspired by an historic precedent (since removed) but also incorporates a display of bronze replicas of the four “Badges of the Regiment” worn by members of the Force since 1896. A new pedestrian entry with clay brick paving, site furnishings, lighting and generous planting beds were also installed.

The focus of the area is the eight free-standing memorial walls upon which 72 engraved granite commemorative plaques are mounted. Flower ledges for the display of wreaths and flowers are incorporated into each wall.

City of Regina / Regina, SK (2009)