Path to Becoming a Landscape Architect | Josh Bernsen

Josh Bernsen

Congratulations to our colleague Josh Bernsen who has recently become a member of the British Columbia Society Of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) and a registered landscape architect in BC.

Growing up in a small agricultural community in Southern California, Josh credits working on the family alfalfa and wheat farm, and interacting with the landscape as inspiration for becoming a landscape architect

He began his career working in Portland, Oregon upon graduating from the landscape architecture program at Washington State University. Prior to moving to Vancouver to be close to family, Josh had started his initial landscape architecture registration in Oregon and decided to complete the registration process with the Oregon State Landscape Architecture Board. He completed the last 2 LARE exams (Landscape Architect Registration Examination) while working in BC.

He transferred the license to BC via a reciprocity process and was accepted as a member of the BCSLA in October 2018, his registration concluded with the New Member Book Awards this past April.

The book awards is a tradition started by Clive Justice (FCSLA) and is way of welcoming new members to the Society. This year, 2 books were presented to new members with one of the books authored by Clive.

Josh Bernsen