Records Retention in Landscape Architecture

Where did all this paper come from? How can I find anything around here? Every professional struggles to not be buried under the volume of drafts, contracts, as builts and other records.

We put together a presentation for a session at the BCSLA’s annual conference to share the methodologies, experiences, and outcomes of designing and implementing a functions-based records retention system from a bootstrap-to-mature landscape architecture firm. (Click on image below for presentation)

The goal was to discuss the difficulties involved in managing and appraising landscape architectural records as well as the benefits of having a records schedule/policy in place. This information was conveyed through a case study of work undertaken by Cailin Bartlett at LEES+Associates during the last year. It included the systems design process, the challenges and successes experienced during implementation, and what the final system will look like. The session concluded with lessons learned and the next steps.

After attending this session, the hope was that professionals would have at least gained the framework to start evaluating their own records environment. The knowledge disseminated included basic information theory to guide how records should be created and captured, the legal – and cultural- based arguments for preserving their records, and the primary records management issues that the profession will need to face in the coming years.

Cailin Bartlett

Cailin Bartlett will graduate in Spring, 2019 with a dual Masters of Library Science / Masters of Archival Studies from UBC. Her focus is on developing records management systems for architectural and engineering firms to ensure that the records they need are enduring and can be found when they go looking.