In house GPS technology – LEES+Associates

LEES+Associates now has a high-accuracy Global Positioning System (GPS) Trimble GeoXH unit with Tornado antenna, backpack and range pole. This equipment will further enhance our ability to create, store, manage and communicate spatial information. We look forward to utilizing GPS as part of our core service delivery on many projects including our work in the parks and trails, cemetery, environmental and health & the built environment sectors. View Photo

August 2010 – 1910 Rogers Pass Snow Slide Commemoration

On August 12, 2010, Mountain View Cemetery commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Rogers Pass Avalanche, the worst avalanche disaster in Canadian history, which claimed the lives of 58 CPR labourers, including 30 Japanese workers. Graves of each victim buried at the cemetery were marked with bronze plaques designed by LEES+Associates and cast by local artist, Derek Rowe.

Commemorative ceremony for avalanche victims at Mountain View Cemetery August 12

July 2010 – ELAC undertakes Canada’s first Green Audit for cemeteries

As leaders in sustainable cemetery design, Lees + Associates partnered with engineering firm “EcoIndustrial Solutions” to complete Canada’s first cemetery environmental audit at Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria. Our team developed a series of cemetery-specific environmental indicators in key areas such as ghg emissions, energy consumption and water use which will be used to establish baselines for site environmental performance. An analysis of these baselines in light of cemetery operations determined where meaningful improvements could be made. Our green audit report was site-specific and provided a prioritized framework of actions to improve cemetery environmental performance. Our environmental reports are tailored to each site’s operational needs and provide cemetery operators a functional and meaningful tool for improving the sustainability of their sites.

Canada’s First Green Burial at Royal Oak Burial Park

On November 6, 2008 Canada’s first green burial took place at “The Woodlands,” situated in Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, BC. LEES + Associates was retained by Royal Oak to design this interment area, which is the first natural burial area in Canada to be developed within an existing cemetery. The following document describes the philosophy and concept of the green burial area at Royal Oak.

(PDF) Green Burial At Royal Oak