Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement  Student brainstorming sheet

We were at Monterey Middle School this week as part of our work on the Carnarvon Park Master Plan for the District of Oak Bay. We had a chance to meet with nearly 50 Grade 7 students to get their input on the park.
After a brief presentation, a group brainstorming exercise, and a “sharing out” of each group’s favourite ideas for the park, there was an opportunity for the students to vote on what they would love to see in the new park using sticky notes.
We’ve generated ton of great ideas that we can’t wait to incorporate into the master planning process as we move forward.

A big thank you to Mr. Friese and his class for welcoming us into their classroom and making the engagement session a success.

Youth Engagement Sticky dots after students voted on their favourite ideas

City of Victoria Adopts Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan

City of Victoria Parks & Open Spaces Master Plan

We are pleased to announce that Victoria’s City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan!
The plan is the culmination of a year-long effort to create a strategic level roadmap to help guide the planning, management, and investment into the City’s parks system for the next 25 years.

Developed by Lees+Associates staff in collaboration with City of Victoria staff, stakeholders and the public, the vision for the parks system is strongly rooted in environmental protection, inclusiveness, diversity, health and wellness.
We look forward to seeing how the implementation of the plan unfolds!

Fall at Beacon Hill Park
Fall at Beacon Hill Park, Victoria

Cochrane Cemetery Master Plan Accepted

The Cochrane Cemetery Master Plan reached a milestone on Monday Nov 14 when Town Council unanimously adopted the new master plan and cemetery bylaw. The master plan aims to create a cemetery with a beautiful, park-like setting, diversify the range of interment options and reflect the unique character and heritage of Cochrane.

According to the Cochrane Times;

In order to ensure the Cochrane Cemetery is able to appropriately service the community as the population grows, town council gave all three readings needed to implement the new Cemetery Master Plan and updates to the cemetery bylaw…

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Below are some renderings and photos of the current site…
Cochrane Cemetery Master Plan Accepted