Ecological and Culturally Sensitive Enhancement Plan for Beaver Lake

LEES+Associates Landscape Architects - Beaver Lake Enhancement Plan
Project Description:

LEES+Associates collaborated on the development of an ecological and culturally sensitive enhancement plan for Beaver Lake, in Stanley Park. The plan provides a vision for long term ecological viability and diversity of Beaver Lake, and provides the direction needed to achieve this vision through  project goals to create a diverse and healthy ecosystem that provides passive recreation opportunities for the public, maximizes native biodiversity, respects cultural significance and requires minimal ongoing interventions to maintain its integrity.

The project is being undertaken through the collaboration of 12 professionals from 8 sub-disciplines, in collaboration with the City of Vancouver and the Stanley Park Ecological Society, as well as through ongoing consultation with the public and three First Nations. The team is currently undertaking development of detailed designs and tender-ready drawings.

Project Innovations:
  • Extensive cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Ongoing First Nations consultation.
  • An approach that accepts a “novel,” altered ecosystems.
Project Sub-consultants:

AquaTerra Environmental Ltd. (lead)
Bianchini Biological ServicesJemma Scoble Consulting
Northwest Hydraulics Consultants
Mr. Tom Biebighauser
Dr. Val Schaefer

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