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Studio Visit – Dan Bellan Design

During an epic Vancouver downpour last week, monument maker Dan Bellan hosted the LEES+Associates team at a tour of Dan Bellan Design, his company’s Union Street studio.

Dan offered an overview of his philosophy and approach to designing cemetery monuments,

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Skaha Bluffs Climbing Strategy Survey

Are you a climber? Have you checked out Skaha Bluffs? It’s one of BuzzFeed’s 16 Places to go Rock-Climbing!

We’re pleased to assist BC Parks with the development of a comprehensive Climbing Strategy for Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park. The bluffs, just outside Penticton in BC’s Okanagan region is a world-class rock climbing destination.

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5 Links for Your Reading Pleasure

Photo: Air India Memorial, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

Please enjoy this collection of interesting articles and resources we read this week.
Running out of cemetery space
The need for cemetery space in Strathcona County is set to increase dramatically over the coming 25 years,

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