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We respond creatively to every project,
connecting people with meaningful landscapes.

Our firm has diverse skills and experience in the design and planning of open space at every scale.
We have received landscape architecture awards at the provincial and national levels.



Interview with Nicole Hanson

Our associate Nicole Hanson, a community and cultural planner discusses the imminent shortage of burial space in the Greater Toronto Area. Audio:

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Building Northern Cemeteries: Lessons from Nunavut to Fort Mac

A short clip of Heidi Redman presenting at this year’s WCCA conference in Medicine Hat. Heidi presented on designing and building cemeteries in the north: from forest fires to permafrost, the dynamic northern landscape presents some unique challenges and opportunities for creating meaningful places of remembrance.

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City of Victoria Parks & Open Space Master Plan

The parks and open spaces master plan will help guide decisions and investments across the city’s park system for the next 25 years, as well as options for the renovation, expansion or replacement of the 45-year-old Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre… Read more

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